The Zaccardi Family Murder

Jeffrey Zaccardi, 43, was the father of the family. He was from Foxborough and a graduate of Foxboro High School. Joseph reportedly wrote children’s books that he sold online on Amazon although he had reportedly posted his employment status on Facebook as “unemployed and going crazy”.

Mother of the clan was Deirdre, who was 40 years old worked in Boston as an office manager at EMI Marketing Strategy. The couple had met in college at UMASS Dartmouth and been married for more than 10 years. Dierdre volunteered with the children’s school and was elected to the school board. She was involved with Keeping Pace with Multiple Miracles that assists mothers who give birth to twins, or other multiples where she participated in support group for parents of multiples.

They had 3 children.  The oldest child was 11 year old Alexis who was followed by 9-year old twins – Nathaniel and Kathryn. All 3 children attended Abington public Schools.

On Monday, October 7th, 2019, a family member arrived to take the children to school. Instead they found Deidre unresponsive and bleeding in the downstairs on the couch and called the police.  The police searched the house and quickly found the remaining family members. The case of death for all 5 family members was gunshot wounds.  All were believed to have been killed sometime the previous night.  A neighbor recalled hearing 4 noises that prompted her to get up at approximately 1 am Monday Morning to investigate but thought it might have been the dumpster door blowing in the wind. She now believes it was likely the gunshots she heard.

The investigation quickly lead to Joseph Zaccardi becoming the main suspect – It is believed he shot his wife, then each of the children and then himself. This was confirmed in the medical examiner’s report. I am hopeful that if the shots were what the neighbor heard, then the children were asleep and not aware of what what happening.

The real question is why? What leads a children’s book author to kill his entire family? There were no known known domestic issues and the police were never called to the residence. There is no stories of a violent temper or abuse. There were no restraining orders. Deirdre had reportedly taken the Wednesday before the murders off to celebrate the Twin’s Birthday by taking them to the movies and in a support group the week before, said everything was “good”.

If you follow this case, you will read a lot of speculation in articles that depression and inability to support the family can drive this type of family annihilation but we really have no idea what the family finances looked like for the Zaccardi’s. There is also speculation that it is perhaps due to the role reversal of his wife being the main breadwinner that caused the strife, but this doesn’t seem like it was a new situation for the family with Dierdre working her job for at least 2 decades. Sadly, it’s doubtful that we will ever know for sure what happened in the last moments that caused this tragedy.

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