Hopkinton – Entwhistle Murders

Rachel was from Kingston, MA. She graduated from Silver Lake High School in 1997 before enrolling in Holy Cross which included a year abroad in England.

Rachel met Neil Entwhistle while participating in the rowing club while in England. The couple married in Plymouth,MA in August of 2003.

In September 2005, after daughter Lillian was born the couple moved to Massachusetts first moving in with Rachel’s mother in Carver, MA then eventually renting a 5 bedroom luxury room in Hopkinton January 12, 2006 that the family would be in for just 10 days before the murders.

Entwhistle was an IT expert and Computer Programmer who had difficulty finding a job in the US. Entwhistle sold computer products on eBay but received many complaints from buyers who never received their orders. He also ran a site called millionmaker.co.uk which offered support to adult internet businesses – that site later closed.

Entwhistle spent time in the internet on sites like adult Friend finder and other similar sites.

On January 21st, Neil Entwhistle allegedly went to the home of his in-laws in Carver when they were at work He took a gun belonging to his father in law and headed back to Hopkinton where he shot Rachel in the head and Lillian in the chest in the bed of the master bedroom, then pulled the blankets up. He then returned the gun to Carver while his in-laws were still out of the house. Maybe thinking the gun would not b we connected to the murders and if it was that it would draw suspicion away from him.

Entwhistle drive to Logan airport and took a British Airways flight to London. He drove around the country before eventually ending up at his parents home where he told them he had found Rachel dead and as a final insult, accused Rachel of killing Lillian and herself. Something he would also later use as a defense.

Rachel and Lillian were missed almost immediately but it would take a couple of days for the bodies to be found in the bed of the master bedroom.

On February 1st, Rachael and Lillian were laid to rest. Neil was arrested on February 9th, at the Royal Oak Underground station. He was carrying a notebook detailing his plans to sell his story.

Neil Entwhistle was extradited February 15th after waiving his right to challenge extradition. Entwhistle’s DNA was found on the revolver used to kill his family. He was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.








Natural Born Killers

Phillip Meskinis was 64 years old. He was disabled and used a wheelchair for mobility. On Thursday, 6/22/1995 Meskinis went to bed as usual but he would never see the light of morning.

3 young men allegedly broke into Meskinis’s Avon home in search of guns and money. Michael Freeman, the seeming ringleader, knew the victim as his mother, who was also disabled, used to date Meskinis.

The two other men were there that night were 19 year old Patrick Morse and 21 year old Leonard Stanley both of whom had roots in Middleboro, MA, and one of which sat next to me in high school biology class.

Freeman’s defense was based on what he said was revenge for past sexual assault. Some friends of Meskinis dispute this, stating instead that to their knowledge Freeman had offered himself sexually for money and was turned down by an angry Meskinis.

Meskinis was found with his throat slashed, and dead of 27 stab wounds The man was found stabbed repeatedly in the neck all the way to his spine. A couple of knives had broke off in Meskinis due to the brutality of the crime.

The perpetrators then stole a sawed off shotgun. It was documented in court records that Freeman was a suspect from the beginning as he was suspected in the robery of a firearm from the same victim a year before the murder.

The case made national headlines when Patrick Morse’s quote characterizing the 3 as “Natural Born Killers” after the Oliver Stone Movie made to his girlfriend was publicized. It was also reported that the 3 watched the movie about a murder spree several times before the murder.

Freeman was caught after a 6 day long manhunt. The jury deliberated less than 3 hours and convicted Freeman of murder with extreme atrocity. Freeman was sentenced to Life in prison without parole.

This murder was not the end of Freeman’s violence. In 2009, Freeman viciously attacked and stabbed a fellow inmate Christopher Johnson, who survived the attack. Johnson had been stabbed over 20 times in his head and body and needed an extended recovery. Of course, he had an accomplice in this crime, too.

Then August 12th of 2014, Freeman had two acccomplices help bring 72 year old William Sires to a cell where he was alone with Freeman . Freeman viciously beat the Sire to death over 30 minutes, leaving him with facial injuries so severe he was nearly unrecognizable in death. He was sentenced to a concurrent life sentence for that murder. See Video Below:

Patrick Morse received Life in prison but will be eligible for parole after 25 years. Leonard Stanley received 16-20 years in prison for the crime, and will be eligible for parole after 16 years.












A Bad Movie-worthy Murder

37 year old James Robertson was at his mother’s house to celebrate the New Year with his parents and his family when they answered a knock at the door. At the door, with an official badge were 2 probation officers who had come to take James for random drug testing, a condition of his probation. His family didn’t know when they said goodbye it would be for the last time. Robertson’s body would turn up in the woods in Upton, MA when hunters stumbled across his skull and remains two years later.

Nothing in this case was what it seemed initially . Investigators would later find out that the “probation officers” were hired thugs that allegedly worked for a local drug dealer named James Feeney. Feeney allegedly had been working on the plan since Robertson was released from prison over a month before, because in a tale as old as time, Robertson was dating the girl Feeney liked.

Feeney also held sway over a Dedham Police Officer named Michael Shoener who had an addiction issue that Feeney supplied. Shoener allowed Feeney to borrow his badge, handcuffs and holster. Shoener was eventually convicted and given a sentence of 6-9 years for his role in the crime. Shoener didn’t simply just serve his time as being convicted would normally dictate. The family had to fight for justice even after the conviction. I am not certain they will ever receive the justice they deserve.

The two “probation” officers were Scott Morrison and Alfred Ricci. Ricci cooperated as a witness and was convicted, getting 8 years for his role in the crime. Scott Morrison was sentenced to 40 years in prison for his role.

James Feeney allegedly claimed that he just wanted to injure and scare Robertson, however the injuries that were inflicted on Robertson caused his death. Despite what was said, there seems little evidence to me that Feeney ever intended for Robertson to survive. Testimony in the trial indicated he was shackled to a chair that was bolted in the concrete and beaten to the point of death. Allegedly, Feeney himself was alone with Robertson when he finally died. What did they really think would happen? I think it went as planned right up until they got caught.

James Feeney was convicted of First Degree Murder and was sentenced to Life in prison without parole.















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