Natural Born Killers

Phillip Meskinis was 64 years old. He was disabled and used a wheelchair for mobility. On Thursday, 6/22/1995 Meskinis went to bed as usual but he would never see the light of morning.

3 young men allegedly broke into Meskinis’s Avon home in search of guns and money. Michael Freeman, the seeming ringleader, knew the victim as his mother, who was also disabled, used to date Meskinis.

The two other men were there that night were 19 year old Patrick Morse and 21 year old Leonard Stanley both of whom had roots in Middleboro, MA, and one of which sat next to me in high school biology class.

Freeman’s defense was based on what he said was revenge for past sexual assault. Some friends of Meskinis dispute this, stating instead that to their knowledge Freeman had offered himself sexually for money and was turned down by an angry Meskinis.

Meskinis was found with his throat slashed, and dead of 27 stab wounds The man was found stabbed repeatedly in the neck all the way to his spine. A couple of knives had broke off in Meskinis due to the brutality of the crime.

The perpetrators then stole a sawed off shotgun. It was documented in court records that Freeman was a suspect from the beginning as he was suspected in the robery of a firearm from the same victim a year before the murder.

The case made national headlines when Patrick Morse’s quote characterizing the 3 as “Natural Born Killers” after the Oliver Stone Movie made to his girlfriend was publicized. It was also reported that the 3 watched the movie about a murder spree several times before the murder.

Freeman was caught after a 6 day long manhunt. The jury deliberated less than 3 hours and convicted Freeman of murder with extreme atrocity. Freeman was sentenced to Life in prison without parole.

This murder was not the end of Freeman’s violence. In 2009, Freeman viciously attacked and stabbed a fellow inmate Christopher Johnson, who survived the attack. Johnson had been stabbed over 20 times in his head and body and needed an extended recovery. Of course, he had an accomplice in this crime, too.

Then August 12th of 2014, Freeman had two acccomplices help bring 72 year old William Sires to a cell where he was alone with Freeman . Freeman viciously beat the Sire to death over 30 minutes, leaving him with facial injuries so severe he was nearly unrecognizable in death. He was sentenced to a concurrent life sentence for that murder. See Video Below:

Patrick Morse received Life in prison but will be eligible for parole after 25 years. Leonard Stanley received 16-20 years in prison for the crime, and will be eligible for parole after 16 years.


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