The Murder of Carrie Moss

14 year old Carrie Moss was last seen on July 25, 1989 when she left her family home on her bike, heading to Goffstown to go swimming. She was wearing her bathing suit under t-shirt and jeans and white boots. By all reports, there was nothing to suspect it was anything other than a normal day…except that she never came home.

Some of the research sites have sources that indicated that Carrie did run away as the police had assumed, and spent at least some time at her boyfriend’s house. Police assumed the girl was a runaway, which was compounded by the fact that her parents did not report her missing for 2 months – not until September 1989, assuming that she would return home.

Carrie was dating an 18 year old man at the time she went missing, and had recently been in trouble with the law after a marijuana arrest. Carrie had a court date set for the day after she went missing, which contributed to the idea that she had reason to run away.

Police continued with that assumption until her skeletal remains were found by a 10 year boy almost 2 years later in an wooded area, off Riverdale road. Site was about 2 miles from her parents house. Clothing identified as belonging to Carrie was found 50 yards from her remains. It is suspected that she died around the time she was last seen. Her remains were too decomposed for cause of death but foul play is suspected.

Due to the time period, this case is sometimes tied to the Connecticut River Valley serial killer.

Police have also investigated whether her case is connected to Kimberly Goss’s murder in 1989. Daniel Vandebogart was convicted of Goss’s rape and murder and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. There was some rumor that she may have known him that was investigated in 1991.

Anyone with information about the death of Carrie Moss should contact the New Hampshire State Police at 603-271-3575

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One thought on “The Murder of Carrie Moss”

  1. I was a year or two younger than her in high school . I remember this fairly well , I didn’t know her very well but knew some of the people she hung out with . She hung out with what I’d call the party crowd . I do not see it being anyone of her friends or someone from high school although it’s always possible . It’s just hard for a kid to keep a secret if that was the case .

    Also Goffstown Highschool in the very early 90’s had a rash of suicides for some strange reason . I believe it was 5 or 6 students who commited suicide within a year and a half . This actually made the national news and if I remember it may of been a topic on 20/20 . I’m not saying it was suicide but it could of been .

    Last but not least , I lived in New Boston for about 5 years , there was a man that lived next to the elementary school . His house is an 1800’s white cape style house and looks abandoned , it has old cars in front of it and it’s right in front of the elementary school entrance .

    This man would always be wondering around the center of town or the General Store . He’s known to be a little odd . I spoke to him on a few occasions , he once mentioned that there used to be a dam in the center of town and that he used to like watching the young girls swimming topless in the water under the bridge . I found this rather creepy and odd to say to a stranger . I instantly thought of Carrie Moss .


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