Finding Little Harmony Montgomery

There seem to be a lot of these cases lately – where children were noted to be missing after a significant periods of time. I am not understanding this trend even in the age of Covid. In my experience, these cases don’t have happy endings. I have a bad feeling about this one as well, even if the Manchester, NH police chief insists that this case is still classified as a rescue and not a recovery. In my experience, they don’t dig for live people unless there’s a natural disaster or a building collapse.

So let’s talk about what is known in this case.

Crystal Sorey Email About Harmony Montgomery Shows Desperate Appeal for Action (

The last time Harmony Montgomery was seen was in October of 2019. Harmony is partially blind in her right eye and wore glasses. She has blond hair and blue eyes and is thought be around 50 lbs and 4 feet tall.

Harmony was last in school in 2019 in Massachusetts. The home were she lived at 77 Gilford Street in Manchester was sold in 2020 but was recently searched on January 2nd , 2022 by police. No current details of items recovered were released, though I expect if remains were recovered we would have already heard that. That search of the home was reopened on over the weekend of January 8 with heavy equipment including ground warming equipment was brought in. That search concluded this week with no details of any findings.

Family members have indicated that Harmony was most recently in the custody of her father, Adam “Ace” Montgomery but that he is not in touch with much of the family due to a falling out. I will say Adam has an extensive criminal record including charges of shooting another person in the face while buying heroin in 2014, as well as other charges dating back further including assualt, stalking and breaking and entering. Somehow, records indicate he was still given custody of Harmony from DCYF while her brother Jamison was separated from her and adopted. Investigation is occurring as to whether whether appropriate checks were made after she returned to her father’s care in February of 2019 but it doesn’t seem likely as Harmony’s mother and grandfather report that they called DCYF more than 14 times and yet DCYF can’t verify seeing the child since 2019? Seems rather Sus…

Montgomery and Harmony’s mother, Crys Renee Sorey are no longer together, and she lives in Tampa, FL. She says she has reported been working on visitation but no contact was ever able to be made. Montgomery himself reportedly states that he dropped the child with her mother over a year ago and has not seen her since. He is separated from his wife after stalking and domestic violence issues and seemed to be homeless, arrested sleeping in his car with his new girlfriend.

Former neighbors of Adam Montgomery have reported that he had been evicted last year from the home where he lived with his wife two sons and newborn baby. The neighbors report that they never saw Harmony and report that Adam did mention that her, and that her mother would not let him see her.

Clearly someone is lying…and it’s not like these people have community accolades for all the good they have done, especially Adam.

On January 6th, 2022 – 2 arrests were made between last night and this morning with connection to Harmony’s disappearance. Not surprisingly, her father Adam Montgomery and his wife Kayla Montgomery who is not Harmony’s mother said is estranged from Adam. Adam is charged on a 2019 warrant for second degree assault against Harmony (where he allegedly gave the child a black eye) and two misdemeanor charges of endangering the welfare of a child and one misdemeanor charge interfering with custody of Harmony. Kayla faces welfare fraud charges for collecting benefits for Harmony when she was not in the custody of the Montgomerys. Will add court documents as available. This is feeling a lot like the Elijah Lewis case.

I don’t expect the estranged wife, Kayla Montgomery, will go down with the ship if she has anything incriminating on Adam after all of the issues with stalking and domestic violence that she allegedly faced after their split. The added motivation of the charges she is facing being reduced will also be a good bargaining chip for police

Manchester police are accepting tips at 603-203-6060. The police and local business executives are offering rewards totaling $100,000.00 for information that leads to her recovery.

Court Records and Source Information related to Adam Montgomery, Next dispositional hearing is currently scheduled for March 4, 2022

010522Montgomery-ApptCounsel.pdf (

011022Montgomery-appearnye.pdf (

011022Montgomery-appearbuckley.pdf (

011022Montgomery-appearsmith.pdf (

010522Montgomery-Affidavit.pdf (

Superior Criminal Complaint (

Court Records and Source Information related to Kayla Montgomery, Next dispositional hearing is currently scheduled for 2/25/22:
011122MontgomeryK-affidavit.pdf (

Machete Attack Murder in Bedford, NH Hotel

There were several 9-1-1 calls that brought the police to the Country Inn and Suites in Bedford, NH at 7 pm on August 21, 2o21.

It was early in the evening and the police were not likely expecting what the encountered when they entered the lobby and found 28 year old Nathan Cashman suffering from several machete wounds to his head, neck and body from which he succumbed. They arrested the suspect, Theodore Luckey, 42 at the scene. They found a second victim, David Hanford, age 60, who was strangled in the hotel room.

Theodore Luckey served 9 years in prison for terrorizing and holding an elderly couple hostage and and incident where he was accused of tying a former boyfriend to a bed and leaving him in a hotel room. Additionally, he was arrested for many charges but eventually plead guilty to second degree sexual assault for sexually assaulting a child under 10 in 2001. He was scheduled to be released in 2024 but received early release due to the pandemic and was out in May of 2021.

The police still are not releasing a lot of information on this case and the trial for Theodore Luckey has now been officially delayed until next fall with the next hearing scheduled for February 2022. Defense have discussed investigating aspects of Luckey’s mental health and possibly separating the two cases for 2 separate trials.

Nathan Cashman, Known as “Bones” had been friends with Luckey since he served time with him at New Hampshire State Prison in Concord where he was serving time for Possession of Meth and Reckless conduct with a deadly weapon. He was released in May of 2021 due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Cashman had recently lost his mother, who was just 54 the month before and her funeral was just 2 weeks before this incident. He might have been having a hard time but searches for Nathan indicate this may not have been the first time that he was in trouble as there were several articles about him being missing in Provincetown in 2014 when he was 21 after some breaking and entering activity. He most recently had been employed at the 99 in Hooksett, NH. In addition, he has been working on doing work to become a professional bodybuilder.

David Hanford was reportedly a convicted sex offender from Seaside, NJ whose crime including being convicted of sexually assaulting 2 teenage boys in 2001. He may have also befriended Luckey in prison but an immediate link was not clear in the research and documentation that has been available so far. As the trial gets underway, more information should be made available.

Murder by Fire – Unsolved Murder of Michael Cochran in Dedham, ME

On the morning of February 18th, 1981 a fire on Sumac Rd brought authorities to the property. A full 6 days later on the 24th, the body of Michael Cochran was pulled from the debris. Initially, it was believed that cause of Michael’s death was accidental but this fire was later declared an arson and the details of the incident determined that he was likely murdered.

Michael’s cause of death was ultimately the fire due to the level of carbon monoxide in his bloodstream, however he seemed to be on the floor prior to the fire. The area underneath his body was clean glass, indicating Michael was likely unconscious on the glass prior to the fire’s ignition.

Michael lived in the home with his girlfriend, Linda Gray and another man. The night of the fire a man named Paul Pollard, a friend of Michael’s, was seen fleeing from the fire.

Michael’s mother believes that the fire was a result of a drug bust the month before in nearby Holden. One of the men who was arrested in the bust had suspected that Michael had snitched, leading to the arrests even though there was no evidence this occured.

Reports indicate that there was talk of a call from a man jailed on rape and drug trafficking charges to two other men with extensive criminal backgrounds to have Mike “taken care of”. After 4 years, all 3 men were indicted on murder charges but they were ultimately later dismissed due to lack of evidence in the case.

Michael’s mother has written a book and has a website where she continues to pursue justice for her son. She firmly believes that she and the police know who killed Michael, they are just missing the evidence to put them away and successfully convict them in court. She has written a book called, “A Maine Murder” and she continues to run a website for Michael’s case at

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